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You Heard It Here First!

Posted by Slick-Productions - September 18th, 2007

A Slick Productions Movie... That does NOT star Slick?!
Mhmm... Well, it's not like I'm forced to adhere to one specific task of glorifying Slick....
Well... I WOULD like that, but there are times when you just gotta keep his awesome out of things... like NOW! :D
Introducing, Black Tar Stick Figure!
Wow, that's not only vague but also egregrious! (Hopefully I'm using that word correctly >_>)
What is Black Tar Stick Figure? Well, it would make sense if you've already heard about the Stick Figures on Crack Series, a popular trilogy of movies on Youtube, but it is in all basic senses, a stick figure movie where stick figures are seen in various scenes, ranging from about 10 seconds to the VERY VERY short. Many famous and otherwise popular sound clips are used in the production of it, of course. Other than that, everything is as basic as possible. It is a little quircky in my opinion, but I still think of it as a great movie :D
As some extra info, the swf is surprisingly lesser in sound compression that is the .avi version I made (Btw, this means I could NOT use any action script, including cameras. Luckily these were for the most part unecessary and could be worked around.). For this reason, I have created a Youtube account! Because the name SlickProductions was unfortunately already taken by a vlogger... >_>
My Youtube username is SlickProductionsNewG. Youtube shows this in all lowercase.
But that's ok! And wait, WHAT?! When you look at the movie on newgrounds, it says after the movie ends... This is the THIRD movie you made for newgrounds? WHAAAAAT?!
Well, even though it is my first movie submitted, I already started two previous movies made to be submitted. Of course, few people may have remembered that I am/was working on a Slick music video to Bicycle Race by Queen. This, however, was (temporarily, of course :D) stopped to make way for a newer movie, which is TOP SECRET FOR NOW! xD Why not started later? Because, this movie actually has a deadline.
Then, a new deadline came for ANOTHER movie... and here it is. Black Tar Stick Figure will NOT be realeased today, but will actually be released not only on newgrounds but also on youtube... tommorow. And if you have any other questions, yes, it is not crappy in animation (except for when it was funnier that way) and is quite the long movie. I'd say... a full two and a half minutes of movie, while the actual sitting time is 3:10, and there's also going to be some loading time... Mhmm, the swf took quite some time to load in the load test, but hopefully I eliminated this... somehow?! (The swf is only 2 Mb though, so it must be the many sound clips...?) xD And the avi.. wow... I'm sure youtube compresses it somehow or at least I hope so xD
It will also be rated teen for mild explicit audio (But VERY mild, like only twice or something xD)
I hope you enjoy the movie! And if you're going to vote below 2 (which I doubt), please don't because it's stick figure or because all I did was animate already funny sound clips (because I did take some time in arranging them so that they would be even funnier), and also if you otherwise vote 1 or 0, please take some time to write a review about WHY...
And FINALLY (Yes I'm FINALLY done! Well, almost xD), This is proof that while a first solo submission to newgrounds is technically your FIRST, it does not have to be horrible, even with stick figures. Do NOT submit your crap to newgrounds, it is a place for only flash of first tier. Be patient, and don't necessarily submit the first thing you make. Make something else, and something else, till you get acceptably good.
Wow.. for reading all of this, you must be pretty enticed! Don't worry, I gave you all a pretty picture at the bottom (Although those are what the stick figures look like, no stick figures will actually be smoking things or doing anything else druggish :P)

You Heard It Here First!

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I agree with you at the end with not submitting until you think you've really got something everyone will enjoy. I didn't submit a movie until I had been animating for half a year... Or maybe it was a year. I don't really remember.

Hoorah, a comment! xD But yeah, about a half year to a year is optimal time for someone to learn flash. But hey, thanks for actually reading the entire thing! And also, thanks for actually commenting, you being the only one that commented, but still! xD