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What's that font you're using? You can't fool me, that is DEF a font :P
But it's a really AWESOME font, so I wanna know it xD
Also, good animation, a little "tween-y," maybe venture a little into frame by frame animation :D

Billy-Chops responds:

It's called something funny, I can't remember it off hand. Go to dafont.com Also I've done fbf just not here. On my Youtube or deviantart there's more stuff.


Everything was above average, but... not astounding.
Figure drawing (Specifically, bulkiness of the arms, hands), Plot (Make it go somewhere, not just stay on one fairly humorous bit for so long), Voice Acting, Animation (Facial Expressions, Lip Synching), etc. Were all good, but I really think if you just put in more effort, you have the potential to make something REALLY astounding :D


My biggest suggestion is to keep things interesting. Long sequences of the guy walking got boring quick, as did the very long pauses.
I'd suggest either show more diverse angles and such, show different things in the meantime, or just make certain scenes shorter.
If anything, that would be what you overdid; I mean, even the heart beating was a little long. If you had shown the heart once, then shown the guy cooking the snake from a different angle than before, and then showed the heart again, it probably would have kept my attention a lot better =D

However, I AM giving you a 7 because you interested me with the general idea. Just a tip for the future: Use more music (Even if it's quiet, background music is almost ALWAYS a must), improve on your animation (I mean, this goes for just about everyone on newgrounds. You've at least got fbf down, so that's pretty good), and increase the pace!

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I liked it for how far I got

BUT, I had two problems...
1: I couldn't figure out a way to kill the spider.
2. When I put whiskey in the trade-o-matic, I got into the "ready to fight the pig hunter" pose.
(I got all the way as far as meeting Mr. Personality)

298 Seconds!

Hooray! Less than 300 Seconds to complete, if only barely!
Very humorous, in a tongue-in-cheek way :D
Very different, fresh, HAD to play it again... and then again :P

The REAL reason why we're voting low....

It's not because it's in the Halloween collection. It's honestly for every other reason.
1) The weird story isn't funny, sorry to break it to ya.
2) The graphics are quite unsatisfactory, and remind me of every other flash submission with bad graphics, ever. Especially the thick brush strokes, Terrible looking play button, and default pencil tool lines.
3) The game mechanics are poor at best. I'm not entirely sure how you messed up a game engine so simple, but I've seen 5 step tutorials for platformers with better engines.
4) Just to make thing clear, the "random thing" you put in the background such as angry face, a cannon, and a man singing with a crudely drawn bullet about to hit him, are not funny, entertaining, or interesting in any way. However, they do seem to showcase your incredible inability to draw art, I'll give them credit for that.
5) How LONG did this take you to make? Because if iy took you less than 5 consecutive hours of work, you're definitely doing it wrong. I know for a face that any submission I've enjoyed has taken more than that long to make. Usually a great deal more time is required.
So please, next time you submit, think about all of those above comments, and at least get 4/5 to a satisfactory level.
And one last thing. Using a good song does not make a game good. In fact, I thought the constant looping music was pretty freakin' annoying.

Renandchi2 responds:

lets see:
1.well, its wierd, it doesnt have to be funny.
2.i suck at animation
3.wow, you're a jerk. the engine wasnt even that broken! just a couple platform glitches
4.everyone else thought it was funny, and most were crap animation on purpose. i tried to make them like doodles
5.it took me a long time to make, but anyways, thanks for the review (i guess)

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I must say.

This failzorg should definitely have 9 votes of 5. Too bad jerks around here have to down vote it for no reason >.>

Stalagmite responds:

haha. well thank you chicken! =D i am pleased you do think it is worth the 10 and 5 ;D hehe, its surprising what people ACTUALLY think about stuff like cheese ! :D


Does that mean another collab is starting????

SolusLunes responds:


An intelligent review....

Because I'm not sure many people are trained to read and interpert the previous reviews, having been written in some sort of code...
I personally really liked this song. Along with everyone else. C'mon, you know you liked it. Especially how the notes were kinda "reversed." That was original. And incredible. And everything else was also awesome.
It's a great song, and... I... must... blurt out... untelligent babble.... GRRRRR.....
Keep it up

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I think Sedrich deserves a...


Chickenlump responds:




Why yes I do like very much :D

Alright, here's my opinion:
Color choice: Wonderful, the bright, saturated colors are always my favorites, and there's even an excellent arrangement of them, too :D
Outline: It works very well in most places, but I'd like to see what it would look like if it wasn't there for drips/stains
Size: Based on the movement/flow of the colors being horizontal, I think it'd actually be interesting if you made this more of a landscape-shaped piece, with the image extending more to the right, and possibly even moving the bottom of the image down a bit too. For the rest of the image, you wouldn't need to add a lot I believe, just maybe some abstract, faint, and faded color splotches so that it isn't completely white, and having that "Hint of Color" as you put it in the upper left corner-area of the image would suffice in creating that sense of motion from left to right which I think would make the piece work even better =D
Overall: Very cool, I like a lot :D

dreamzmighty responds:

Between you and me- this wasn't meant to be big. I love colors. And I love making things flow.

On another note. I actually drew this side ways. And THEN I added drips going in another direction. I just don't think it would have looked right with out the interference with other colors in a harsher way, when all the other parts flow together. Which is the point. (:

His hand...

it is backwards... If his fingers are bending like that, his thumb should be on the outside.
But it looks pretty cool! I'd just work on making sure your light source is for the most part coming from one direction, and maybe have the hair be less solid at the edges, where it should be parting into almost separate strands.
As one final thing, I'll say that while the green smoke is moving to the left, the tie is moving to the right.
But yeah! Still overall very much something I think is cool, I'd just say do a little more planning in your art is all :P

redadder515 responds:

I corrected the hand position. Thank you for mentioning it.


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