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What's that font you're using? You can't fool me, that is DEF a font :P
But it's a really AWESOME font, so I wanna know it xD
Also, good animation, a little "tween-y," maybe venture a little into frame by frame animation :D

Billy-Chops responds:

It's called something funny, I can't remember it off hand. Go to dafont.com Also I've done fbf just not here. On my Youtube or deviantart there's more stuff.


Everything was above average, but... not astounding.
Figure drawing (Specifically, bulkiness of the arms, hands), Plot (Make it go somewhere, not just stay on one fairly humorous bit for so long), Voice Acting, Animation (Facial Expressions, Lip Synching), etc. Were all good, but I really think if you just put in more effort, you have the potential to make something REALLY astounding :D


My biggest suggestion is to keep things interesting. Long sequences of the guy walking got boring quick, as did the very long pauses.
I'd suggest either show more diverse angles and such, show different things in the meantime, or just make certain scenes shorter.
If anything, that would be what you overdid; I mean, even the heart beating was a little long. If you had shown the heart once, then shown the guy cooking the snake from a different angle than before, and then showed the heart again, it probably would have kept my attention a lot better =D

However, I AM giving you a 7 because you interested me with the general idea. Just a tip for the future: Use more music (Even if it's quiet, background music is almost ALWAYS a must), improve on your animation (I mean, this goes for just about everyone on newgrounds. You've at least got fbf down, so that's pretty good), and increase the pace!

Dragggggged on......

Definitely the very very ending was the funniest part.
That's all nice and well, but there was WAY too long of a set up with repetetive joking after another. Cut to the chase next time :D
Also, I'd say burhs up on animation a little. Have the guy turn his head to look at the spider. Change 'camera angle' occasionally, do close ups of characters (You do this once at the end, but that was only to hide the extra arms), etc.
I'll let you off easy, since the ending actually did make my smile.

just2pale responds:

I can just make a 1 sec joke for you. No setup just the punch line.

Learn how to draw piano keys

Seriously, that was my biggest problem with it, as an avid piano player xD
There are a LOT more black keys ;)
Aside from that, learn a little bit about changing shots. (I.E, when it changes from Mario putting his hands up to stop the applause to sitting at the piano, there should be a shot in between of him approaching it, or show it from a different angle, something.)
The rest of it was pretty great =D


Unfortunately, I'd heard this joke 256,806 times before I saw this.
The animation was solid, as far as voices, they work, but I personally don't like the silly artificially high pitch voice-feel.
Again, work on the story. Something original as well as funny. Aside from that, very professional feel.


It's a Parody if it's about Odysseus/based on the Odyssey :P
Second, the voice as the tale 'began' was incredibly quiet, and voices in general are kinda, odd, or maybe it's the script, I dunno, it sounded weird whenever they talked.
Speaking of weird, I know you wanted to stylize the noses, but just having them jut out like that does not match the style of the rest of the movie.
Work on your animation as well, and it'll be a pretty cool, bro :)

Brings back memories...

... of those old timey cartoons. I'm sure you've heard that before, but it all seems very traditional and classic. I think it's in part what gives you your novelty: You are not only an excellent animator in the sense of more 'modern' animation styles, but also a great sketching and scanning one as well =D
Got a 9 only because of shortness, and a little because of the voices, but of course those aren't really limiting factors of your own talent ;)

Why is he naked?

Quadripeligics don't have to be naked :P
Animation was smooth, almost too smooth in some places, as in lacking energetic motions, mostly the characters kinda 'morphed' between various poses, rather than appearing to actually have momentum and inertia. Try squashing and stretching your movements a little more :)
Curly's voice is REALLY nasly and weird in his first line. In his second, he sounds completely normal. It's kinda weird.
For some reason, Wavy's pose when he says "Who wants to go to the beach," looks REALLY weird, probably because he doesn't actually put his arms behind the other characters, and he seems incredibly large compared to both of them.
Overall, it was good, but a little more effort/'omph' put into it would really make it nice, I suppose that would've happened if you had a little more time to work on it :P

fluffkomix responds:

yeah. all the stuff before they leave quincy on the beach alone was done over the course of two months, and the rest of that in one week.

Look out! It's a super wordy and in-depth review!

It was all pretty well done, but could use a little polishing maybe?
Naturally, when I talk about polishing, I don't mean in terms of visuals/animation, which was generally very well done.
However, were some parts of the movie slightly touched on, it would have been a solid 10!
1: Sounds, while there was music and sound effects throughout, if there was some more key sounds, such as footsteps, sound effects for when the space-car lands before the combat scene, and putting more emphasis (i.e. raising the volume) on the sounds for the combat/magic scene, it would have been that much more immersing.

2. Reworking of Humor: Specifically, I'm referring to a few scenes in which it was obvious that you intended to make the viewer laugh, but I was so put off by the absolute absurdity that I just found it bizarre.
My first example is when you have Romeo begin shooting at the protest group. This could have worked, but the main boss's reaction is so calm and nonchalant after talking about how important it is that they don't mess too much with the protesters that it's just unsettling. Having the boss completely flip out would have been much more effective.
My other example is when you have the hired hitwoman dragging the boss's wife across the street, and then at one point mentions how much she likes her hair. I think it would have been fine to have had the hitwoman bring this up just as she's dragging his wife, with the wife still screaming or similar. Even having the hitwoman stop and lift the woman by the hair with one hand (which is quite unrealistic) is somewhat odd. However, you also have the woman, who was only a few seconds ago screaming her head off and being kidnapped, seemingly completely forget that someone was yanking her off the ground by her hair and kindly thank that very person who was dragging her along the ground is simply too exaggerated and unrealistic to even be funny.

All in all, you appear to making a drama, not a comedy, so keep it a drama. Sure, you can add bits of comedy here and there, but don't make it detract from the overall tones and themes of your production.

3. Plot Coherence/Smoothness: I'm not really sure if that's the best way to describe what I want changed, but I'll give you some examples.
Try and show in the first scene with Romeo and the boss that the boss actually IS in a toilet that's in another room, and isn't in the same room as Romeo. The similar wall colors and lack of specifically showing that the boss was in a different room tricked me the first time I saw it.
When the boss is talking to his wife in the space-car, how come he doesn't notice she has a knife to her neck, and continues to act cheery?
When the hitwoman injects the boss with whatever it was, it first looks like he's dead, and it was poison. I was of course disappointed that that was how the battle ended, but whatever. And then, all of a sudden, a very quick shot is shown of a fist coming from the bottom of the screen, punching at the lady, I think? I guess you were probably going for surprise, but it would have been nice to have gotten at least some visual clue in the previous scene that the boss didn't die for whatever inexplicable reason and is about to start fighting again.
For the love of god, please do NOT use the scribbly text "Painkiller" with an arrow to show that the needle the hitwoman injects herself with is a painkiller. That totally killed the mood set, and I know you could have figured out a better way to show this. Maybe show a closeup of the needle in her hand, with painkiller inscribed on it, or she pulls it out of a box that says Painkiller, or ANYTHING that isn't scribbly text with an arrow. You're above that :P
I'm running out of words, but that's the basic gist of my list. If I didn't mention anything, consider it done well. Well, except for a FEWWWW things, but yeah, if you want, I could tell you in a PM.
But you probably don't need to worry about it. Keep up the good work/effort :)


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