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I liked it for how far I got

BUT, I had two problems...
1: I couldn't figure out a way to kill the spider.
2. When I put whiskey in the trade-o-matic, I got into the "ready to fight the pig hunter" pose.
(I got all the way as far as meeting Mr. Personality)

298 Seconds!

Hooray! Less than 300 Seconds to complete, if only barely!
Very humorous, in a tongue-in-cheek way :D
Very different, fresh, HAD to play it again... and then again :P

The REAL reason why we're voting low....

It's not because it's in the Halloween collection. It's honestly for every other reason.
1) The weird story isn't funny, sorry to break it to ya.
2) The graphics are quite unsatisfactory, and remind me of every other flash submission with bad graphics, ever. Especially the thick brush strokes, Terrible looking play button, and default pencil tool lines.
3) The game mechanics are poor at best. I'm not entirely sure how you messed up a game engine so simple, but I've seen 5 step tutorials for platformers with better engines.
4) Just to make thing clear, the "random thing" you put in the background such as angry face, a cannon, and a man singing with a crudely drawn bullet about to hit him, are not funny, entertaining, or interesting in any way. However, they do seem to showcase your incredible inability to draw art, I'll give them credit for that.
5) How LONG did this take you to make? Because if iy took you less than 5 consecutive hours of work, you're definitely doing it wrong. I know for a face that any submission I've enjoyed has taken more than that long to make. Usually a great deal more time is required.
So please, next time you submit, think about all of those above comments, and at least get 4/5 to a satisfactory level.
And one last thing. Using a good song does not make a game good. In fact, I thought the constant looping music was pretty freakin' annoying.

Renandchi2 responds:

lets see:
1.well, its wierd, it doesnt have to be funny.
2.i suck at animation
3.wow, you're a jerk. the engine wasnt even that broken! just a couple platform glitches
4.everyone else thought it was funny, and most were crap animation on purpose. i tried to make them like doodles
5.it took me a long time to make, but anyways, thanks for the review (i guess)

No skill

Games are made fun when you build up on skills and use them in different ways to solve/beat levels. However, games where luck is the primary way to beat a level are very unenjoyable. Levels with too much luck include:
The Maze Level
The "Precision" Level
The Dizzy Level
For the most part, these levels cannot be won by calculating where to launch the ball, and aiming in random directions is essentially the only way to go.
As far as the so called Precision Level, it is apparent that you need to enhance the physics of the game so that it DOES involve aiming. For example, I aimed STRIAGHT DOWNWARDS at 270 degrees perfectly... and the ball bounces to the left, instead of bouncing straight upwards. Even by aiming a little to the right, the ball bounced to the left.. this makes even less sense.
So.. fix your physics, maybe enhance the graphics or something.. and PLEASE, make the levels more skill involved. Even levels that didn't require luck still involved no skill, being too obvious to solve with any satisfaction..

Sometimes the crown is right in front of you...

Also, the crown COULD be better as far as graphics go...
Still fun game :)

dem0nikk responds:

Haha, yeah, it could- But graphics weren't the thrust of this release- they will be if i release a 2.0 :)

A little slow, but fun.

I'm not entirely a fan of catch the falling things games, but that aside you did a good job :D
The only problems are that it's a little boring without special graphics or sound effects when something happens. You also seem to move kinda slowly, which makes it more difficult but a little frustrating almost. Perhaps speed things up and have a little sparkly effect when you catch candy? :D

Cool, and fun to "hack" xD

Well, I figured out which letters did which thing, so if u guys are looking for the biggest wheels and the lowest car, here it is:
But other than that, very realistic, it's nice :D


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