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Welcome to my page!

Posted by Slick-Productions - July 17th, 2007

Welcome to my Userpage! This is where I'll be explaining all the news in any flash projects I've completed or are starting.
First of all, who is Slick? Slick is an original character I've designed to be the center point for all my flashes. I created him around 2006 for a comic series I was going to make. However, when I got flash, I couldn't keep him out of it. He will star in almost all of my work, so it's about time you learned a bit more ABOUT him.
Slick is pretty much 100% awesome. He does lots of cool things, and is always full of energy. My design for Slick does indeed contain no pupils, but he is still able to see just fine. (I'll explain Slick's symbolism sometime later.) He also has no fingers, although this hasn't stopped most flash characters that don't either. Another thing that makes Slick a unique character is that he is completely mute as of now. I do this because I don't want him to have one certain voice, similar to how you don't really want a character from the newspaper comics to have a specific voice, either. I mean, could you imagine what Opus, or Calvin REALLY sound like? I'd rather be able to think up my own voice for them that I INDIVIDUALLY can relate to. Therefore, he will only talk in the form of lip-synching from other songs, as he will do in my current project, Bicycle Race. Yes, I'm making a music video for that classic Queen song. How will Slick ride a bicycle, being 100% awesome? Here's a preview for you: Clicky
For the most part, Slick will only star in music videos. Here are the ones I've come up with so far:

Bicycle Race, By Queen
Breakfast Machine, By Danny Elfman (You may remember this from the Blue Ball Machine) (This one will have a Spy Vs. Spy theme!)
Infernoplex, By dimrain47 (Whom I am a HUGE fan of!) (From the Audio Portal)
Remember the Name, By Fort Minor
Paradise on E ZENON REMIX, By ZenonPi (Also from the Audio Portal)
It will probably take awhile for me to finish all of these wonderful songs, but I hope to get them done and much more before I die! xP
You may also notice that Slick will appear in the Apocalypse Collab! He SHOULD be in the Flathead Colllab, but It's been very slow so far >_>

And that's all I have to say as of now!

Welcome to my page!

Comments (3)

I'm digging the extreme epic long entry post for your first blog-like update news post thingy that Newgrounds provided for us losers to keep the fans at the edge of their seats. I really enjoyed it though. Kudos to you my friend. I think your character needs a bit work in my opinion, it's getting there. You're really good at animations as it is ;)

Haha, thanks. I have a lotta information about Slick, but I didn't want the first post to be TOO long, maybe after Bicycle Race I can talk about Slick and his symbolism a bit more ;)

Nice news post n pic. The Flathead collab should hopefully be picking up soon. TrippingMetal is back and I'm helping out. Is your part done? If so, have you sent it to Tripping? Thanks a bunch.

I believe I HAVE sent my flash to him, but if not I'd be happy to send it to him again... :D

I liked your part in the apocalypse collab. You know, the one where the stick dude becomes death and blows up the earth. I liked it really. Keep it up! =-]

OMAGOSH A FANBASE! xD Ok, so you're not officially forced to be part of a cult base that automatically votes 5 my flashes, but uh, at least you liked my part ;)
And another btw, Slick is not a stick figure, although he IS very simplistic. He is kind of a mascot for me, kinda like Mickey Mouse for Disney, or Blockhead for The-Swain :D
... oh I do so enjoy watching the Blockhead flashes, so funny, keep it up Swain!
And keep it up, extremely slowly growing fanbase of mine :P