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cornandbeans music, Awesome animation, Check it out!

Posted by Slick-Productions - November 24th, 2007


Titled: Showdown
Specs: Default stage size, 20 fps, about 3.5 mB, exactly 3 minutes long (Including 30 second credits)
There's a bunch of info there as far as the movie goes, so feel free to just go there and leave a review there, unless you're reviewing about stuff that this article is about ;)
First of all, I decided to change the intro for Slick Productions shown in Black Tar Stick Figure, which used Requiem for a Tower, to something different. This one has a paint theme. The reasons (for changing it, the paint theme I just like)? Well, first and most importantly, the Black Tar Stick Figure one had to use the entire song, which was something around 10 minutes long if I remember right. This one uses an exact cut from Flathead by the Fratellis (Infact, the same cut I used in the flathead collab by Trippinmetal and Spacewalk) so that it doesn't bulk the flash up. Second, the first one showed Slick as a very angry person. Slick is not like that, he's more like a happy upbeat guy, like in this one. Third, I think it's a lot nicer. There's less flashy lights, more background (In the end, that is), and I think it also shows off my skills as an artist a little more.
Ok, moving on to the kind of genre of video I think Showdown falls into. Action/Music Video.
Ok, it sounds wierd, but if you look (and listen) closely to the animation, you'll see that there is a lot of music synchronization. There are also no sound effects, like in a music video. If this were merely action, there would not necessarily be as many synchs to the background music, which would probably also play at a lower volume. There would also be many sound effects. So, there :D
-=SPOILER ALERT! Maybe you should watch the movie first, mkay?=-
Finally, to introduce and explain a few characters in the movie. The most important one being Evil Slick, that bad guy with red energy beams. Although it is REALLY tough to see in the movie, when the evil spirits (The weak bad guys) all combine (That's what they were doing) and form the giant ball thing, it first passes through slick before it creates Evil Slick. That's because Evil Slick is a part of Slick, kinda like the devil shoulder angel guy. Slick can do everything that Evil Slick can, but doesn't (Like Teleport) because it's kinda unhonorable. Evil Slick has no problem with that. If you look closely, Evil Slick has vampire-like teeth. Moving on, to Soul Slick, who is in all actuallity, Slick's Soul. Slick becomes uncounscious after his soul leaves his body, because, well DUH! Soul Slick is invulnerable and much more powerful than Slick or Evil Slick (Who also has a soul, which is again the same thing, but red and evil), but if Soul Slick leaves Slick's body, the body is left unable to defend itself. If Slick were then attacked, his soul would have to quickly return to the body before he dies. The wings speak for themselves. And as far as the evil spirits go? Non recurring villains that will probably never be in another movie. I'll just use some other people. Unless you guys REALLY like them that much.
So... that's about it. Hope you like the movie!

cornandbeans music, Awesome animation, Check it out!

Comments (3)

Oh man that was an awesome flash :D

Thanks! :D

It was teh secks

I already respond to your review on the page! xD
Again, thanks.

You should haf used hollow man ffs ^_^

Maybe I'll use it for another one :D